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The end

I am thinking about tidying my online life and as I rarely use this it shall be decommissioned.

I am thinking about living a bit more of a real life!! Shock horror I know.

I am also horrified by some of the things one finds on the internet that you look at, don't want to but due to morbid curiosity feel compelled to continue to come back to and see... Some of it is so bad it make me cry others make me think I should kill myself to stop the suffering of having things run over and over in my head. :-/

So i'll think about it this week but think think is going. 

Does anyone still come here?

So I came to my LJ... for what reason I ask myself... I think sentimentality also cause I am just curious to note. Does anyone still post on here? or am I the only one? doesn't worry me either way but if not a person I know does post I am thinking I might try and write something each day to clear my head a bit without worrying about peoples fellings...

So this begs the question....

Does anyone come here anymore?

My one Joy in the world is gone

Isabelle is Dead!

I have to inform everyone I had to put the love of my life to sleep today.... Her Cancer was too bad and she was in much to much pain.
We had planned to put her to sleep tomorrow but her condition just got worse and worse. SO at around 1745 today she had a big needle and got to have her last peaceful sleep.

RIP ISSY MY BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL May there be an endless supply of Pigs ears and Ham awaiting you wherever you have gone!!

Bye Bye Boobies.

I will lose my boobies!

This is my New years resolution!

Not much to say but that.. also look at http://dinmor.dk/?1
but only if you feel like being disturbed

Love ya bunches... hope all had ha[ppy safe xmas

Sadness is gripping Ickie!

I just found out they buried Richard Pryor... It is sad that the world has lost such a wonderful and funny person and it makes my heart ache to think there will be no more from him.. I am suggesting we all freebase Cocaine and burn our eyebrows off in memory of him this weekend who's with me...

But on a brighter note I won $100 worth of assorted Starbucks stuff today....Good Shit!!

Tomorrow (Take small children from the room) I will be spending my day dressed as Santa and letting my work mates get photos with Santa... Should be fun.. Could also blow up into a giant scary mess but I honestly believe it will be fun...

Doing lunch with my Mumma and my Aunty Jan. That will be fantastic... Hmmm...Japanese foooood!

Toay was very sucessful from a working perspective too... I mowed the lawn, went and did some grocery shopping and put up some new vertical blinds in the spare bedroom then went and did my full shift at work... And it is 2am and I am still soldiering on... =) No chemicals either I swear!

There is an update in the Afganistan thing too. I have talked it over with Mum and she reckons it's my decision and I am an adult so she can't say anything. But has agreed I would really enjoy it and I would benifit from it greatly so will be investigating further.. Watch this space for more info as it comes to hand..

RIP Richard I love your work Have a great time where ever you are now!!!

In Memory of
Richard Pryor
1 December 1940 - 10 December 2005

Hangin with my blood

What a strange weird world I exsist in. Glad y'all are happy i am back..

I had to deal with an Aunt with Dementia on Sat.. Kinda Weird... You tell her something.. She'd tell you how great that was... Then ask what you the same question 4 mins later... I really REALLY wanna take drugs and go see her again... Reckon we would communicate better!!

Also had a fun morning went out with my other Aunty...Jan... Was really fun, Had 2 coffees... 10 full espresso shots!!!!! All before 12pm... and they wondered why I was wired at work and sleepy toward the end of the shift...LOL We only went shopping but it was very plesurable. I guess I am getting older and so we have more to talk about but I didn't realise how much I missed the few not completely mental relos I have.

Then tonight a friend of mine has asked me if I wanna come work security in Afganistan... Protecting a group of Japanese Business dudes. Full body Armour and weapons supplied and about US$35000 per month. Don't think i'll do it. But VERY tempting would only have to do it for 6 mths to clear all my debts and my Mums and my mates and pay in full for me to go to Uni.... Hmm.. Maybe I should give this more thought and not dismiss it just yet. I can handle the getting shot at.. Just not sure I could handle killing a human... I can cope with me being killed and/or the mate I am going with getting shot/stabbed or worse case killedbut not sure I could kill someone...with a gun anyway... Bare hands I could, it'd be more sporting that way..

What do you think... Vote on should I go to be a burly protector or should I stay here and live my meek broke ass exsistance...

Hmm... Don't think I'll sleep much tonight.... too much to think about!!

Had a great time with Jan but... Might drag her out for coffee on weds... Gotta go meet Mark for coffee that day so should drag her along too

Oh nearly forgot. Mark brought a house today, so did Stephan!!! WTF all my mates are buying houses and shit!!! and they are getting kick ass deals!!! Marks was on the market for $319K and he paid $263K... Shit man that's a massive cut

Anyway night all

Return of the Ickie Juan

After a long Absence I am back and hopefuly for a while longer now. I do plan daily updates in to the sad pathetic exsistance that is my life. Good things at the moment do not outweigh the bad but i am focusing on the good not the bad atm. So Good things! Going to Hawaii next year with my bud. Little Pete is returning from Melbourne for the new years period. Might have set Euan up with a job at my work (assuming he interviews well - And he fucking better cause I am going to coach is ass with the correct answers). The Man that did things your not ment to do with little boys with me is DEAD and I now sleep better in the knowledge he is not hurting anyone else......Ummm... It's nearly Xmas.. Not sure what else. But the fact these are all good things it shows I guess why I am so meh that the good DON'T outweigh the badI am just singing along with my music and not focusing on the fact it is sat night and I am sitting at home alone writting in my LJ.

Oh well... Focus on the good... please send your good energy towards me... I kinda need it right now... Or Cash, Cash could work too i guess.

Well will speak more tomorrow.. Nigh Night
I was going to write some gay lyrics list of Elvis singing blue hawaii but instead i have updated my Icon to spare you all the pain.. =)

Vote please who likes the new colour... Blue Hawaii?... Not more the fag with pink hair! Now the fairy with blue hair *blush*

I have in my excitement posted the incorrect date for Poltz.... It's actually 1/09/05

Just a quicky tonight.. Sorry..

Holy Shit I fogot!!

Steve Poltz is going to be playing one show only and it will be at the Vanguard on 18th of Aug. See http://www.thevanguard.com.au/ for details.... I am so badly amped up for this show I have booked a day of A/L from work just so I can be in attendance!!!

Please let me know if you wanna come cause the more that come the bigger/ cheaper the table!!

For more on the master himself go to www.poltz.com

Also trust me on the cheese... was waaaayyyyy to much to eat in one sitting!!

Good luck to Spectral Palm for your P's test... Ride on you Demon!!

Amped up ickie!